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October 14, 2017
10 Questions Checklist To Create Positive First Impression Web Design

Maybe you have heard a few snide remarks or seen some derogatory comments online, or perhaps it is your own perception which makes you concerned that people think your web design is awful. That can be an understandable concern if you have an older site that is a bit dated or is as cutting-edge as the competition.


The 10 Questions Checklist

Answer these questions about your current site:

  1. Is it responsive?
  2. Is your information current?
  3. Is your home page attention-grabbing?
  4. Does your web design reflect your brand?
  5. Does your logo look good and is it memorable?
  6. Is the color scheme and typography current or relevant?
  7. Do your images reflect your brand and resonate with customers?
  8. Does your layout direct visitors to where you want them to go?
  9. Is the design user-friendly and intuitive?
  10. Does your website help increase your bottom line?

If you find yourself answering ‘no’ more than a few times then you are in trouble and your web design probably is awful, or at least outdated enough that you need to do something about.

Unlike your brick and mortar office, your website is always in front of customers and is always working for you. That insomniac looking for the widgets you sell just stopped by at 3 a.m., what did he think after visiting your site?

Why a good Web Design matters

Here are four great reasons why everyone benefits from a good web design:

The bottom line

The internet has become a living, breathing thing. Far too many business owners stay with the same website design for too long. When you are dealing with savvy customers who might not feel like spending more than 7 seconds on your site because of the design, it is time to look at a change.

You need to look at a website as an investment and not a finished product. To truly get the most out of that investment expect to spend time and a little money to maintain it and update it, much like you would with any other aspect of your business such as machinery or buildings. If people think your web design is awful then it is time to invest and upgrade that aspect of your business because it is an important part of not only your brand an online presence but also your profit margin.

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