June 11, 2017
Do I Need Fast Web Site?

There is a lot of talk about website performance, speed, rankings and how that all fits in with the user experience. Is a fast site necessary? How much does performance really matter? Also, why does Google care about my site’s speed?

Low Speed kills

As in, slow web speed kills your business. One of the primary aspects of your web performance is related to your page load times for a number of reasons:

While eCommerce sites face the most issues related to speed and web performance relative to customer satisfaction and conversions, it can really affect any site as more and more consumers expect so much.

An important consideration beyond just the basic ideas of page views or conversions is also how people view your brand. “I like some of their products but the site is just so slow!” That is the type of comment that affects your reputation and brand loyalty – both of which are fickle things in today’s consumer driven market.

Common Tips How To Speed Up Your Site

One of the easiest ways to increase web performance is to make back end adjustments that increase the overall speed of your site. Here are some of the things we regularly do to help make sites perform better:

The bottom line is speed and how it relates to web performance is more important now than ever. Consumers are becoming more and more impatient along with having higher expectations about what technology should be able to provide which is why you need better web performance to ensure you stay ahead of your competition and firmly in the good graces of your customers.

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