Mobile Development
iOS, Andriod & Hybrid

Mediatec offers end-to-end custom mobile app development services covering the full project lifecycle, from concept to polished product

Whether you’re a startup founder selling a digital service, or an established enterprise struggling to increase efficiency, mobile app development deserves discussion as a strategic priority. Mobile is becoming the preferred method of discovering, consuming, and sharing information, and an exceptional user experience will help to put your business in a position to profit.

Market Research

Once we have an idea of the future application - we investigate existing similar solutions at market. This step give us knowing of the current trends, effective UI design solutions, current users needs, working manetization approaches, users feedback on competitors - what can be done better. After this market research we can make a list of notes and suggestions to the customer - what key attention points we found in order to make a usefull product.

IOS App Development

In our IOS development processes we work with the following technologies: Swift, Objective C, XCode 8/9, API Integration, Location Services, Map Services, Payment Gateways, Video/Audio Streaming, Instant Messaging Programming, iOS Specific UX/UI Design

Android App Development

Key concepts and technologies in Andriod application development: Java, Eclipse, Google Play Market, Android Specific UX/UI Material Design, Push Notifications, In-app Purchase, Payment Gateways, Location based services, Maps, Image Processing, API Integration, Video/Audio Streaming, Instant Messaging Programming

Hybrid HTML5 App Development

Hybrid development is a cross-platform application development with using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Hybrid application code being written once - works on all platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android, mobiles, tablets, and laptops in any modern web-browser. Hybrid approach is perfect for
proof-of-concept and prototype apps. But not only for this. The only issue of hybrid application - animation performance of the WebView, especially on Android. So it is not good choice for apps with heavy animation. But in other case, for business applications - it's ideal technology.


During application deployment we setup and configure all the environment where application should operate. We setup, configure and test web hosting and server side code. We prepare database on the web hosting and test it's performance with big amount of data and big amount of simultaneous requests - to prevent future server lags - when users count became bigger. Also we help customer to send application to AppStore or Google Play.

  • Java
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Mobile
  • Enterperise
  • Web/SaaS
  • High Load
  • Cloud Scale
  • Microservices/SOA
  • IaaS/Paas
  • Mobile
  • SPA/Asvanced UI
  • Framework based UI
  • UI/UX
  • Full stack applications
    (Node, React)
  • Hybrid applications
  • Native Apps
  • Media
  • Cross Platform
  • Mobile focused server side
  • Hybrid
    (JavaScript based mobile apps)
  • Wearable/IoT

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