Quality Assurance:
Measurement & Testing

Software Quality Assurance processes can help to test and measure such aspects of your software as functionality, compatibility, performance, security, usability and others

Avoid future challenges by ensuring you are working with great software from the very start. Our qualified Quality Assurance and software testing team can help you be sure that the software that your business runs on works smoothly and as expected.

Functionality Testing

We go through and check the software to ensure its front-end and back-end perform as expected. Functionality testing is the type of testing done against the business requirements of application. It is a black box type of testing. Functions are tested by feeding them input and examining the output, and internal program structure is not considered. Functionality testing describes what the system does.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing helps ensure that your customers can install and run your software. This type of testing is designed to ensure that your software works on different versions of operating systems, different types of computers and software programs, and different network environments. This helps ensure that a user can run the software on many types of user configurations without annoying glitches.

Performance Testing

We run the software to its limits and ensure that it can withstand the demands of your growing business.
Load, stress, performance, and scalability services include:
* Load and scalability testing
* Performance measurement
* Use case creation
* Web log analysis
* Performance measurement
* Results analysis and recommendations

Security Testing

Mediatec provides vulnerability assessments of websites. Using powerful security testing tools, Mediatec can test websites for many problems such as XSS, SQL injection, directory traversal, XFS, PHP injection, and many data manipulation exploits. Our Testing Tools:
* Acunetix: Acunetix WVS website evaluation tool checks for all web vulnerabilities including SQL injection, cross site scripting.
* Nessus: Mediatec uses Tenable Nessus to perform network level security testing.
* Burp Suite: Burp Suite is an integrated platform for attacking web applications. It contains a variety of tools with numerous interfaces between them designed to facilitate and speed up the process of attacking an application.

Usability Testing

We make sure the UI/UX is as intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Java
  • .NET
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • Mobile
  • Enterperise
  • Web/SaaS
  • High Load
  • Cloud Scale
  • Microservices/SOA
  • IaaS/Paas
  • Mobile
  • SPA/Asvanced UI
  • Framework based UI
  • UI/UX
  • Full stack applications
    (Node, React)
  • Hybrid applications
  • Native Apps
  • Media
  • Cross Platform
  • Mobile focused server side
  • Hybrid
    (JavaScript based mobile apps)
  • Wearable/IoT

Our company

Many of your company’s ambitious goals demand custom software solutions. Mediatec has built a company expressly for the purpose of satisfying your application development needs.

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